Our permeable concrete solutions  effectively minimise water loss, stop erosion and reduce pollution entering our waterways.  EXEL Mix perfectly aligns with local government requirements to create a sustainable and eco-friendly built environment. 


We only provide product and services that meet professional industry standards and local authorities requirements — including Australian Standards and WSUD guidelines — to ensure you, your family and environment are safe.

Critical Water Savings

Our permeable solutions, dramatically reduce storm water runoff.  Preventing flooding, erosion and facilitates the controlled absorption  of water into the water table, which is a critical to our long term sustainability of our precious water resources.


It even aids in improving the water quality of any run off.

Leading to better environmental outcomes. Which is better for people, plants and animals.

Good out comes for all!


EXEL Mix is part of the Exel Group, which has extensive experience across all aspects of the construction industry. Drawing on this expertise we have assembled a team of experienced professionals to provide excellent customer service and support.  Focused on quality workmanship and prompt delivery of our product and services for your projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would this be safe to use for my footpath on my yard and driveway?


Yes, we have done extensive research and testings on our concrete mix to ensure that the finished concrete pavement could achieve the required compressive strength as per your local city council requirement. We also have ensured that the concrete product mix specification we are using/supplying meets the requirement on AS1379, tested with the approved testing methods as per AS1012 on the testing of concretes. We also have sourced supporting mesh structures that are suitable for porous concrete for your driveway. This ensures the permeable concrete structure for your home is safe to be driven over and lasts for a long period of time.

Question: What would happen to the water that flows beneath the concrete layer?


What happens to the water really depends on the area where you live. Generally, water would be retained within the soil layer beneath, which would either be naturally discharged to the local waterways, uptaken by nearby plant roots, or evaporated to the air. In some areas, water that has infiltrated to the soil may be collected by a subsurface drainage system in place. Worry not, we have consulted with your local council and water authority to ensure that our permeable concrete installation meets the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) guideline, and such your local environment and underground infrastructures would not be damaged by the installation of the permeable concrete. 

Question: How would I maintain my footpath/driveway now it is permeable?


If you feel the water does not infiltrate the pavement as well as it used to, you only need to 'unclog' it with high-pressure washing. In conjunction, it is also recommended to perform high-pressure washing with vacuuming.