Reason to Choose EXEL Mix

Councils, Transport Authorities and other government departments around Australia are becoming increasingly water conscious. As such, they are implementing policies and guidelines for water sustainable practices. Including the harvesting, capture or direction of water. These polices include the demand that some of the built environment contains permeable solutions which will harvest and control water flow in the environment. Preventing flooding, stormwater run-off and debris and pollution entering our waterways. 


If they haven't already.

     These decisions are going to eventually affect you!

 Hopefully in a positive way.

Permeable concrete is one of the best solutions for water sensitive design issues and it provides advantages over normal concrete.


  • Just as easy to box up as normal concrete

  • Doesn't need ‘Reo’ or ‘Rebar’ Reinforcement

  • The Concrete mix Contains No Fines

  • MPa strength is equal to or better than normal concrete - without reinforcement.

  • It can be coloured - either in mix colour or topcoat colour

  • It can be Ground to expose the aggregate or chemically treated to create an exposed effect

  • Its Quick and Easy to wash up - tools and mixes

  • No need to stand around and wait for the concrete to go off

  • Once it is laid and finished there is no more working of the concrete. Just pack up and go to the next job or go home and put your feet up

  • Cracking is reduced or eliminated altogether. This is due to the low moisture content

It is an exciting prospect that over the next few years we will see more and more permeable concrete being laid.

That is why, we at EXEL Mix are doing everything in our power to become a major provider of water sensitive solutions.

So - Why Not join us in this venture.

Become an Exel Mix approved installer and get ahead of the game.

We will train you and provide technical support.


REMEMBER EXELMix provides very competitive advantages for creating permeable concrete.

It can be applied at the mixing station or on-site.

It replaces Reo (Rebar) and fines while maintaining MPa strength.

The resultant concrete mix ends up with at least 15% interconnected voids allowing water to run straight through to the substrate and ultimately the water table.